Work Ethics

Your business is precious to you and there isn’t anything worse than dispatching a vendor that doesn’t put all of their energy into their own efforts. We are a professionally run company with high ethical values, and moral integrity. We will treat our role in your company as if it were our own.


As information technology specialist we are often entrusted with handling sensitive information such as accounting, personal information, employee related situations, patient information and more. Our privacy policy is real simple and is implemented in our everyday task.


As our customer you can expect:

  • We will never reveal trade secrets, personal information, financial insight, sensitive data, employee information, employee situations, and all data alike.
  • Each one of our employees, contractors, and consultants fall under our privacy policy and are implored to uphold our policies.
  • Each one of our employees, contractors, and consultants are required to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement at the time of employment.
  • If you are a company in the medical industry, or deal with patient records we have you covered there as well. We continually stay abreast regarding HIPAA, and HITECH rules. We are insured accordingly to deal with HIPAA, and HITECH related scenarios.